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Elosan therapy – pain treatment using electrostatics

Elosan therapy aims to alleviate chronic pain – especially soft-tissue rheumatic pain and diffuse, radiating pain – by applying an electrostatic charge to the whole body. The treatment is done upon the instructions of a physician. It is done with the patient standing up in the Elosan Cabin. The person is charged and discharged several times over the course of four minutes. The charge can be felt on the skin and it can be seen through bristling of the hairs on the body.

One double treatment per week over a period of six to nine weeks has been found to be the ideal treatment regimen. In addition to alleviation of pain, most people experience a refreshing feeling and confirm that their quality of life has improved.


The treatment helps patients who have been suffering from pain for a long time.

The key areas where this treatment is applied are:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Rheumatic pain
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Fibromyalgia (soft-tissue rheumatism)
  • Degenerative pain
  • Phantom pains

Here’s what operators have to say

Treatment with the Elosan Cabin C1 expands the spectrum of treatment options available to patients with chronic pain by adding an effective, side-effect-free, well-tolerated and non-medication-based physical treatment option. The treatment is not time-intensive, plus it is easy to delegate and does not put patients under any strain or expose them to any danger.

Dr Petra Hoederath MD, St.Gallen

Dr Petra Hoederath MD


From July 2018 to March 2019, I was the Study Coordinator for the Elosan Effectiveness Study project. In this role, I had the opportunity to get to know the Elosan system, test it on the study participants and observe the therapeutic effects at first hand. The system has proven to be safe and highly effective for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. The best results were found in the case of soft-tissue pathologies, in which long-term positive effects were observed. Patient compliance was excellent and because the system was so user-friendly, treatment could be easily carried out even when the practice was very busy.

Dr Olaf Kuhnke MD, Roveredo
Dr Olaf Kuhnke MD

During the study, I was the person responsible for caring for and monitoring the patients treated with the Elosan system. The system is trouble-free and easy to use. Because the treatment only takes a short time, it can be easily integrated into the everyday operations of a medical practice. Both patients and operators welcomed the treatment.

Claudia G. Scaramella, Roveredo
Claudia G. Scaramella

I had to opportunity to operate the cabin as part of the Elosan study. The Elosan Cabin is very user-friendly and easy to operate. The fact that the cabin is transparent had a positive effect on both us as operators and on the patients. It was also possible to easily communicate with the patients during the treatment and ask about how they were feeling or about the sensations they were experiencing.

Esther Völki, St.Gallen
Esther Völki

The Elosan cabin is in heavy use, about 20 to 25 patients per week undergo Elosan therapy with us. Some of the patients are very satisfied with the effect, but unfortunately it is not a magic capsule. Logically, this means that therapy resistances also show up under this method. However, as a further stone in a multimodal therapy concept, I would no longer want to do without the capsule. Our patients report a general improvement in well-being, a markedly better sleep, reduction of diffuse or narrowly localised musculoskeletal pain, reduced symptoms of neuropathic pain, including peripheral polyneuropathy, which can otherwise only be treated with dissatisfaction.

Dr Philipp Widmer MD, Biel
Dr Philipp Widmer MD

Here’s what patients have to say

As a climber, I put a lot of strain on my body. Unfortunately, many years of climbing at a high level have resulted in pain in my sacral region and lower back as well as in my upper shoulder area. Thanks to the Elosan therapy, my pain has reduced significantly. An additional positive effect that I notice is that it takes me noticeably less time to recover after intense training, which means I am back to my best much quicker. I’m also falling asleep and staying asleep better.

Petra Müller, Gams
Petra Müller

For years, I had been suffering from long-term effects of Lyme disease: recurring, episodic pain in joints, muscles and tissues, exhaustion, changes in sensation and join inflammation. Since I have been able to have regular Elosan therapy, I have had hardly any pain during the day and I have a new quality of life – something I would not have dared to dream of before.

Renate Bösch, Sargans
Renate Bösch

For about six years, I have been suffering from neuropathic pain in my feet. It’s a recurring, stabbing pain that comes and goes. After just a few treatments, the pain started to reduce – in terms of both frequency and intensity. What used to feel like a raging storm in my feet now only feels like an occasional flash of lightning. It’s made a huge improvement to my quality of life.

Hansjörg Hartmann, Vaduz
Hansjörg Hartmann

A few years ago, I had a bad accident. I had vertebral fractures, a rib fracture and a fracture in my left shoulder. I didn’t have surgery, but many of the bones did not grow back together properly. The tissue contractures around my chest in particular cause me a lot of problems. I often feel like I am stuck inside a shell. By chance, I heard about Elosan therapy and I volunteered as a study subject. The treatment started having an effect very quickly. The regular weekly treatments really help alleviate my pain and I feel re-energised after every session. I am very impressed and very grateful.

Leo Müller, Buchs
Leo Müller

After the second Covid vaccination, my body reacted with severe exhaustion-depression. My everyday life was enormously restricted as a result. After an inpatient cure and treatment with medication, my symptoms gradually improved. Part of the multimodal therapy was the treatment in the Elosan therapy cabin. I noticed that my energy and zest for life increased significantly in each case. And my tremor disappeared completely. Today I feel well again. I can only recommend the Elosan therapy.

Katharina Hardmeier, Rheineck
Katharina Hardmeier

Due to several strokes of fate in my family, I am struggling with physical and psychological problems. This manifests itself in skeletal complaints, i.e. shoulder, back and knee pain hinder me in everyday life, although I am active in sports. Night-time anxiety as well as stress-related heart palpitations, despite my blood values being very good, have unsettled me. As I do not take any medication, I decided to undergo Elosan therapy. After just a few sessions, my well-being improved greatly. The electrostatic charge totally relaxes my body, it tingles from my toes to my brain, my skin vibrates. The hair stands up and my tense head feels so light, relaxed like after a yoga session. My low back pain has reduced so much that I can play my beloved tennis again. I can only recommend Elosan therapy to future clients!

Silvia Bischof , Heerbrugg
Silvia Bischof

For about 5 years I have had complaints radiating from my back. My right leg in particular was almost numb. Then, about 6 months ago, I started having neuropathic pain. It manifested itself as a twinge in my thigh down to my foot. Infiltrations did not help me much. Through an acquaintance I became aware of the Elosan therapy. After 8 treatments I feel much better. The stabbing, neuropathic pain has completely disappeared. I am thrilled and now recommend the therapy to my friends.

Ruth Semadeni, Buchs
Ruth Semadeni

I became aware of your pain therapy cabin through an acquaintance of mine. I suffered a severe stroke on 15.8.2021, was then in the St.Gallen Cantonal Hospital for 16 days and then 121 days in rehab in Valens. Since the rehab I had 2x physiotherapy and occupational therapy a week. And additionally 2x weekly fitness training. In February 2023, I decided to try out an additional therapy and found out about the company Elosan from a friend. I think you should leave no stone unturned and try out every form of therapy. This was also confirmed to me by my family doctor, Dr. Ecki Hermann, Schaan. The first successes are now starting to show: The spasticity has steadily decreased since the beginning of treatment, which has improved my sleep. Specifically, I can sleep better through the night. The clonus (trembling of the left leg and left arm) has now almost completely disappeared. My balance has improved. And the fine motor skills in my left hand and arm (elbow benders and extensors) have also improved.

René Nüesch, Liechtenstein
René Nüesch

I tore a tendon in my right shoulder in a bike crash in 2022 and had surgery in 2023. Shortly after the operation, I started the Elosan therapy and noticed an improvement relatively quickly. I was able to move my arm better and the pain was quickly under control. And I was also able to sleep on my stomach again very quickly. I am surprised how the Elosan therapy has positively influenced my well-being. After each session I felt more balanced and peppy. I am very grateful that I was allowed to do the therapy.

Esther Brander, Gams
Esther Brander

I had been suffering from a slipped disc for 4.5 years, which I had operated on because the pain was too great and too long. In order to get going again, I had the chance to go to the Elosan cabin 8 times. The cabin gave me a lot of energy right from the start, which I could use for the further therapies. The pain became less with each session. I can gladly recommend the Elosan therapy to others.

Claudia Fasciati, Gams
Claudia Fasciati

I must have overdone it during the last move. My whole body ached afterwards. I heard about Elosan therapy from my friend and immediately tried it out. My body responded well to the electrostatics after the very first treatment. And after a very short time, the pain subsided. About a year after my first positive experience with Elosan, I caught a nasty stiff neck. I could hardly drive and could only sleep with strong painkillers. After an initial massage with a physiotherapist, I started using Elosan therapy again. And this time, too, the tension was greatly relieved after the first application. Even my masseuse noticed that the tension was released faster than expected. I am very grateful that I got to know the Elosan therapy and that I can seek treatment again for all my complaints. I can only recommend the therapy to others. I am always surprised at how quickly things improve.

Helen Schwendener, Grabs
Helen Schwendener