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The Elosan Cabin C1 – A class IIa medical device

The cabin

The Elosan Cabin C1 is a closed, electrically insulated cabin for whole-body pain treatment using electrostatics. A conductive coating controls the electrical field, which is generated by a high-voltage module with 50,000 volts.

The electrostatic charge is conducted to the patient and distributed evenly across the entire surface of the body via a handlebar. After the treatment, the patient is completely discharged and earthed again.

Where did the idea for this treatment come from?

Dr Bernd Reinhardt MD successfully used a similar treatment back in 1980 and applied for a patent for it. The Elosan team has developed this idea further and improved it using modern technology. This ensures a high level of safety for patients and operators alike.

The treatment process

The treatment process

  • The patient wears light, dry clothes and outdoor shoes.
  • The patient enters the cabin through the door and stands in the middle of the cabin.
  • The physician or the operator ensures that the patient is comfortable and that they are holding the handle.
  • The treatment lasts around four minutes.

After the treatment

The treatment is done in three cycles. After the treatment, the patient is completely discharged and earthed again. One or two treatments per week over a period of three to five weeks has been found to be ideal.

Technical specifications

Elosan therapy involves three cycles in which the patient is charged and earthed again over the course of 60 seconds. The patient wears normal, light clothing and outdoor shoes. The cabin is made of biocompatible plastic and it has a door at the side. There are transparent areas in the door and at the front so that the patient can be monitored throughout the treatment.

The electrostatic field is generated by a special power supply unit that can build up a DC voltage of up to 50 kilovolts. The field is transferred to the patient via a metal handlebar placed inside an electrically insulated cabin. The process covers the surface of the body in negatively charged electrons.

A special, electrically conductive coating on the inner wall of the cabin’s housing serves as a counter electrode to the generator and the electrostatically charged patient. This is indirectly connected to the earth of the system. This ensures that the electrostatic field is distributed over the whole of the patient’s body as evenly as possible. In addition, the coating conducts any unwanted electrostatic discharge away.


TÜV approval

The Elosan Cabin C1 was certified as a class IIa medical device by the certification body TÜV Rheinland on 3 March 2020.

Trade fairs and conferences

We would love to introduce you to the Elosan system at the following trade fairs

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Donnerstag und Freitag, 23. und 24. April 2021
Schweizer Paraplegiker-Zentrum, 6207 Nottwil

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5. Frühjahrskongress der SGAIM
Mittwoch 19. – 21. Mai 2021, Congress Center Basel

Swiss Pain Congress 2021, Montreux
Freitag und Samstag, 10. und 11. Dezember 2021
Konferenzzentrum/2m2c Convention Centre, 1820 Montreux (Swiss Society for Interventional Pain Management) (Swiss Neuromodulation Society)

Trade fairs and conferences 2020

Deutscher Schmerzkongress 2020 in Mannheim
21. – 24. Oktober 2020 (online/virtuell)

SPS und SKG Jahreskongress 2020 in Bern
1. und 2. Oktober 2020

Schmerztage Göppingen 2020
9. und 10. Oktober 2020

Deutscher Schmerz- und Palliativtag 2020 in Leipzig
21. – 25. Juli 2020 (online/virtuell)